Accepted Papers

  • A. S. M. Hasan Mahmud and S. S. Iyengar
    A Distributed Framework for Carbon and Cost Aware Geographical Job Scheduling in a Hybrid Data Center Infrastructure
  • Jaimie Kelley, Christopher Stewart, Devesh Tiwari and Saurabh Gupta
    Adaptive Workload Profiling for Power Efficient HPC
  • Nathaniel Morris, Christopher Stewart, Siva Meenakshi Renganathan, Lydia Chen and Robert Birke
    Sprint Ability: How Well Does Your Software Exploit Bursts in Processing Capacity?
  • Sherif Abdelwahed and Stefano Iannucci
    A Probabilistic Approach to Autonomic Security Management
  • Cheng Wang, Bhuvan Urgaonkar, Aayush Gupta, Lydia Y. Chen, Robert Birke and George Kesidis
    Effective Capacity Modulation as an Explicit Control Knob for Public Cloud Profitability
  • Asser Tantawi
    Solution biasing for optimized cloud workload placement
  • Jan Kantert, Christian Reinbold, Sven Tomforde and Christian Müller-Schloer
    A Comparison of Trust-Based Autonomic/Organic Grid Computing Systems
  • Christian Krupitzer, Felix Maximilian Roth, Christian Becker, Markus Weckesser, Malte Lochau and Andy Schürr
    FESAS: An Integrated Development Environment for Autonomic Computing
  • Mohammad-Parsa Hosseini, Abolfazl Hajisami and Dario Pompili.
    Real-time Epileptic Seizure Detection via Random Subspace Ensemble Learning
  • Gil Jae Lee and José A. B. Fortes
    Hadoop Performance Self-Tuning Using a Fuzzy-Prediction Approach
  • Quan Zhang, Yang Song, Ramani Routray and Weisong Shi
    Adaptive Block and Batch Sizing for Batched Stream Processing System
  • Hongteng Xu, Xia Ning, Hui Zhang, Junghwan Rhee and Guofei Jiang. PInfer
    Learning to Infer Concurrent Request Paths from System Kernel Events
  • Gabriel A. Moreno, Javier Cámara Moreno, David Garlan and Bradley Schmerl
    Efficient Decision-Making under Uncertainty for Proactive Self-Adaptation
  • Anthony Stein, Sven Tomforde, Dominik Rauh and Joerg Haehner
    Dealing with Unforeseen Situations in the Context of Self-Adaptive Urban Traffic Control: How to Bridge the Gap
  • Selome Kostentinos Tesfatsion, Eddie Wadbro and Johan Tordsson
    Autonomic resource management for optimized power and performance in multi-tenant clouds
  • Wei Zhang, Timothy Wood and Jinho Hwang.
    NetKV: Scalable, Self-Managing, Load Balancing as a Network Function
  • Nikos Zacheilas and Vana Kalogeraki
    ChEsS: Cost-Effective Scheduling across multiple heterogeneous mapreduce clusters
  • Naweiluo Zhou, Gwenaël Delaval, Bogdan Robu, Éric Rutten and Jean-François Méhaut
    Autonomic Parallelism and Thread Mapping Control on Software Transactional Memory
  • Igor Kaitovic and Miroslaw Malek
    Optimizing Failure Prediction to Maximize Availability
  • Nasim Beigi-Mohammadi, Hamzeh Khazaei, Mark Shtern, Cornel Barna and Marin Litoiu
    On Efficiency and Scalability of Software-Defined Infrastructure for Adaptive Applications
  • Navaneeth Rameshan, Ying Liu, Leandro Navarro and Vladimir Vlassov
    Augmenting Elasticity Controllers for Improved Accuracy
  • Guoyao Xu, Cheng-Zhong Xu, Song Jiang and Xingbo Wu
    Prophet: Scheduling Executors with Time-varying Resources Demands on Data-Parallel Computation Frameworks
  • Jidong Xiao, Lei Lu, Haining Wang and Xiaoyun Zhu
    HyperLink: Virtual Machine Introspection and Memory Forensics without Kernel Source Code