Doctoral Symposium

The doctoral symposium at ICAC 2015 follows the format of similar events at international conferences such as PerCom, UbiComp, and Pervasive. The aim is twofold. First, it should provide PhD students in an early phase of their career with the opportunity to discuss their research with experts and gain general feedback as well as specific comments on their proposal. Second, this is an excellent opportunity for a young researcher to start a personal network with other PhD students as well as with already established experts.


The aim of the doctoral symposium is to discuss research ideas and PhD projects at different – typically – early stages. The symposium aims at a friendly atmosphere which shall inspire the participants and put them – and their research – in the focus. A panel of experts will discuss the research based on a short presentation. Interactivity and discussion are the goal. In addition to the symposium a presentation of all participants at the main conference will take place as a poster session. A brief introduction of the topics (One-Minute-Madness) is used to attract conference participants.


Prospective participants are required to submit three different documents:

at the point of submission:

  1. Research Statement: a two-page abstract that sketches the research proposal of the PhD student, the contribution to knowledge and how the research will advance the state of the art.
  2. Curriculum Vitae: a one brief CV that lists the student’s education, research interests and – if available – publications.

at the point of acceptance:

  1. a poster that will be presented at the conference

Submission will be done via email at Please make sure your subject line contains [Doctoral Symposium].

Important Dates

March 30st 2016 submission
TBA notification